Thursday, July 30, 2009

Super duper RAKs!

I'm back! Sorry I've been MIA for a while. But I hope to be sharing some creations with you soon. In the meantime, here are some super cute RAKs I received from some very sweet and talented friends!

This first card is from my DF Marisa. Can you tell she knew my fav color is purple? Heehee! Thanks for thinking of me, Marisa, and for sending all the wonderful goodies! Love you!

This next card is from my DF Chalsie. She and I love Twilight and Edward so much! Check out this awesome card she made for me:

Close up of Edward just for Kyoko! Look, Kyoko, Edward Cullen is staring at you! LOL! Thanks, Chals, for all the goodies that came with this beautiful card and for your friendship!

I'll post more tonight. I'm off to work now. Thank you ladies, for inspiring me to become a better crafter and friend! Love you all!


  1. These are all so awesome!! I luv Edward!!
    Jodi =)

  2. Wow what wonderful raks! Love the Edward card, hehe. Me likey guys that sparkle too! Have a great Thursday!

  3. Linda we are purple sisters! Love purple! Love Edward! Great RAKs from awesome sisters!! :) Your creations inspire me to keep going and to keep crafting! Have a great day! :)

  4. Fantastic RAK's Linda, thanks for sharing!

  5. lovely RAKS from all the sweetest girls in blogging land! I'm glad you finally posted. got worried there that you were MIA for a reason? hope not. well, have a good day and can't wait to see more!

  6. Wow, great RAKS from everyone! Lucky girl!

  7. welcome back! I agree it was getting lonely without your postings. awesome RAKs! The Edward card is to die for!

  8. Wow Sis, you hit the motherload!! You deserve all the RAKs cuz you one AWESOME CHICKIE! LOVE YAH!


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