Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sweet and Wild

Happy hump day everyone! Today's post has something sweet for the good girls, and something wild for the bad girls! Heehee! These are a couple more DT cards for Tamiko's. You may have seen these Greeting Farm images before in digi form. Now, however, Camille and Ebony are out in rubber! Yipee! So, for those of you who enjoy working with rubber stamps and ink, Tamiko's has these young ladies in stock!

Here's what I did for Camille (even though I keep calling her "Bella" from Twilight), and I really love this sentiment:

Can't you just hear Bella saying those words to Edward?!? Oh, sorry, I got carried away thinking about Twilight again. Moving on, this is what I did with Ebony (she's "Alice" from Twilight to me), and she's a "wild child".

I'm interested to know which one of these two cuties you can relate to? Are you sweet like Camille, or do you have a wild side like Ebony? As for me, I'm a little of both. But I'll bet my fellow DT members and people who know me will say that I'm definitely a "wild child"! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi, Linda! Awesome cards! Well< I think I am definitely Camille! I even dress like her! My hair is somewhat like that too! LOL

  2. AGREE!! you are WILD CHILD..just from meeting you one day you are just to funny!! You are doing alot more posting, you GO GIRL! Let me see...meeh I think im both too but mostly a WILD CHILD..gotta luc them WILD peeps too.

  3. I'm kind of like Camille in some ways but what out for when Ebony comes out!!! GRRRR!!! :)

    Hey, glad to see you posting a whole lot more! I suppose being DT gives you responsibilities and obligations huh! Way to go Joy for pulling you in and getting your crafty juices flowing! :)

  4. Sis, you, wild child?!? nah! hehe! Love the creations with these fabulous girls!! have to get Ebony aka Alice soon! i wanna play with her too!! =D and could you please mail me some mojo!! Love yah!

  5. Woo-hoo! got your mojo going girl! love them both...I would like to say that I am Camille, but I know you all who know me so well...NOT!! I am the wild, say like it is kind of person! no shame! just give it with gusto!! haha! love your cards and how they turned out! I am having a problem now...what to do with all the cards I make! yikes! well see you later =)

  6. Hi Linda! Great cards! Luv that Ebony! She's my fave character & I really like everything about your card!

  7. I really love how your cards came out!! HEY, I KNOW YOU ARE DEFINITELY NOT CAMILLE ... HAHAHAHAHA! See you tomorrow!

    Love Yah,

  8. Hey Linda! I Love Ebony's purple hair!They are both cute. Hmmmm, I think most people think I'm like a Camille but then there are those who know better! Great stuff you're doing!

  9. OMGosh Linda girl, your cards are awesome! Love them both! You are both, maybe not equally half and half, but being who you are, to me, you're the best of both worlds!!! Love ya! Cami

  10. Oooo! Lovely cards!
    I'm more like Bella aka Camille :)
    I'm more of a quiet, reserved, book reading kinda gal :) and I love me my Edward just as much if not more ;) hee, hee!

    hugs!, margie

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