Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September ATC Swap

Hello! Here are my ATCs for the September Swap that ManLe of Pineapple Cove hosts. For more information on the month swap, you can check it out here. This month's theme was RECYCLE. I have to be honest - I couldn't think of what I could recycle to use on my cards. SO, I bought DCWV's "The Green Stack", which is made out of 70% recycled paper. These are my cards ...

You may not be able to tell, but the flower stems are actually paper clips which the recipient can use and RECYCLE! Maybe this isn't what ManLe had in mind for the theme, but I thought it was a good idea. :-) Anyhoo, the flowers are supposed to be blooming in a garden and when you pick them, you can "recycle" them by either giving them away, or using them to clip your papers together!

What can I say - these ATCs are due tomorrow and I just made them tonight. Procrastination? No, it's called old age - I totally forgot! That's it for now. I'm off to get some shut eye. Hope you find some time to check out ManLe's blog and shop, and maybe even sign up for the monthly ATC swap! Until next time, take care.


  1. Wow...these are awesome Linda!!! I would have never guessed from the pic that the stems were paper clips, great twist to the challenge, I love it!!!

  2. Hi Linda~
    These came out very recycleable! Great flower paper clips and I'm I sure the recipient is going to appreciate this alot....
    Hugs! Hey you still didn't hop on over and be my follower yet....

  3. Cute idea Linda! Love ur take on recyling girl! :)

  4. this is an absolutely FANTASTIC creation!! very clever and awesome... you sure you did it last minute?? looks like you spent forever making them! Beautiful!

  5. Hey Linda,
    What a great job! This is what last minute looks like?! Girlfriend, you're very talented.
    Hugs to you.

  6. Hi Linda,
    I love your paperclip flowers. This card looks super for a quick last minute thing!


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