Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! We celebrated Father's Day last night at my house. Dad picked chinese food for dinner, we had ice cream for dessert and played Tripoly. The one thing that was different at this dinner, was my brother was here! He and his wife and her daughter are visiting, but will soon be leaving to go back home. We all had a great time! Father's Day snuck up on me this year. With so much going on, end of school year, project grad meetings, hubby's birthday, etc., I totally forgot to make my Father's Day cards. So as my Dad is sitting on my sofa last night waiting for dinner to arrive, I was on the dining room table finishing his card! LOL! He didn't even know what I was doing! Anyhoo, this is how the card turned out:

I made this next card for my hubs. When we met, over 25 years ago, he was an avid surfer. I never though I'd have a surfer boy for my boyfriend, let alone marry one! But I sure was lucky, and here we are, still together after all this time!
Here's an up close shot of my cutting:

I do believe I'm getting better at cutting. I guess everyone was right - I just need to practice and be patient. It's tough making masculine cards, but I think these came out pretty nice. Hope you think so too! Thanks for visiting!


  1. Both cards are great! I love the surfer dude!

  2. your cards are perfect! and your!

  3. You cutting!? WOW, I'm in shock! Ha! I remember you saying how much you hated it! Well you did an awesome job! Great cards!

  4. Both of your cards are terrific Linda! Your trimming is so neat and surfer Ian is the bomb!

  5. Both of your cards are great! I agree that masculine cards are hard to make.

  6. Your Father's Day cards came out really nice! You are on a roll sister ... keep up the awesome work and I hope you are feeling much better!

  7. Love your Father's day card for your dad and hubby! You married a surfer dude huh! Love the cutting, such awesome work! hugs, Teri


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