Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Amazed and blessed

I am truly amazed at the talent out there in Blogland. I met Kris a while ago and have been blown away by all her wonderful creations. She is such a talented gal! If you haven't checked out her blog, please do so as you won't be disappointed. Kris is a loving wife, and dedicated mother, who works full time and still manages to create and keep her blog current.

I received this gorgeous thank you card from Kris along with all these goodies! Do you think she remembered that my fav color is purple? Heehee! Receiving this card was so unexpected and it definitely made my day.

Thank YOU, Kris, for being in my life! I have truly been blessed!


  1. wow you lucky girl! what great RAKS! Kris is definitely one talented crafter! i luv her cards. Liked the one you sent her too! :)

  2. Aww! how sweet is this post!! i'm so happy you liked everything! =D hmm, i really like the card... LOL... Thanks Sis! you've been a blessing for me too! hugs, Kris

  3. Aren't you a lucky one? Kris is definitely a sweetheart! Isn't it great to finally meet other bloggers in person? I'm truly blessed to have had the chance to meet all of you!

  4. How very sweet of Kris! Yes you are correct, she is a very talented gal!!
    Hope you are well!
    Jodi =)


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