Thursday, December 3, 2009

Craft Fair Items Part 1

I made these gift card holders for a local craft fair last month. I've participated in our office craft fair for several years now, but this fair was a "real" craft fair open to the public in downtown Honolulu. Boy, oh boy, talk about pressure! But I gotta say, it was so much fun! I'll definitely be doing it again next year with my girlfriends!

This batch of GCHs was made from a pattern I received from attending Teri's GCH class. I love Teri's classes!

These GCHs were made from a pattern found on Angie Kennedy Juda's blog, Chic' n Scratch.

The GCHs came together pretty quickly after I figured out what papers I wanted to use. Be sure to check out Teri's and Angie's blogs for great craft ideas! These ladies are awesome! I hope you stay tuned for Part 2 of my craft fair items ...


  1. Wow!!! no wonder you've been so MIA... LOL... these are fabulous!! got any extra??? hehe!! Love them Sis! hugs, Kris

  2. Another best seller! So awesome that you sold out! These were really cute!! xo, T BTW, love your winter blogwear and the music...

  3. Holy Smokes! You sure made a lot of GCH! Hey, did it come with the gc inside? :D LOL!

  4. Oh my, Linda, these gift card holders are awesome! I wish I could have attended that craft fair. Maybe the next time. You were one busy gal but wasn't it all so much fun after all? Love these and the Post-it organizers! Hugs, Cami

  5. I guess you were pretty busy crafting after all...hehehe! Love the GCH!


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