Sunday, April 26, 2009

More food (for Dawne)

So Dawne and I were talking today about what we were going to make for dinner when we got home. She cooks like me - we make a whole bunch of dishes on Sunday for the rest of the week, so we don't have to cook every night. All our hubs have to do is heat and eat! Since I didn't post the picture of my roast pork with gravy the other week, I figure I better post what I made tonight. My son's fav, mushroom chicken.

This pic didn't turn out too well. But it's what I call a baked potato casserole. I use red potatoes, bacon, cheese, sour cream and green onions. Cook the potatoes, fry the bacon, toss them together with shredded cheese and sour cream and heat through until cheese melts. Toss with fresh chopped green onions. Mmm, delish! I love potatoes!

Pasta salad ...

That's it for now blogging peeps. Tomorrow I'll be back to sharing crafts. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Let's enjoy the coming week, take care of yourselves, be kind to others, and be grateful for all that we have. Until next time, Aloha ...


  1. WOW~ I want to make that tomorrow now. That looks sooooooooooooooo good! Geez Linda!!! We need a cook off, okay??

    And how come nobody shared pasta w/me? I was there.

  2. So glad you both LOOOVE cooking! My hubby loves to cook!! Not me... LOL
    Jodi =)

  3. Linda I am going to try out your Baked Potato Casserole! Can you please email me your Mushroom Chicken recipe! It looks delish! Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog! The kids and I are feeling a lot better! :) Hope you have a great day!!

  4. and Dawne can cook! looks so yummy and I'm hungry!!! love that you guys have time to cook for the if I can just learn to cook...HA! well TFS and have a great Monday!

  5. drooling.... these look onolicious...

  6. Mmmmm...everything looks sooo good! Have a great week.

  7. OMG girl, you got me drooling! Everything looks delicious! You gotta share some recipes!!!! I mean it! LOL! Tonight I got rib roast, mashed sweet potatoes and corn for's a late Easter Celebration since I wasn't home to spend it with the hubby. (^o^)


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