Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another local blog

Another post so soon? LOL! Actually, I wanted to share another local blog just created in Blogland. It was created by me and my GF Jodi! To all you crafters out there, we hope you won't be too disappointed. And to all you Twilight fans out there, we hope you're thrilled! You can check it out here. For all you non-Twilight fans, we hope you give this new blog a chance. We're doing it purely for fun and sillyness. Here's a hint ...

Thanks in advance for checking it out!


  1. Oh!!! This is like "Flat Stanley"! I tried to do this with a small stuffed owl that I brought to Japan and took pics of Owlice with food that we ate. Not a "Twilight" fan but what a fun idea!

  2. Oh how fun! Looking forward to where he ends up! :)

  3. Hi Linda! You & Jodi are so funny! I'm not much of aTwilight fan like you, Jodi & Ilissa, but I do intend to follow! Gotta see what happens to PE!
    Hugz ;-)

  4. Oh man, the adventure begins! I took a look at Jamee's spoof and it got me rolling! :) Can't wait to see what PE will be doing!

  5. This is co cool! I'm glad you brought him back!

    Hmmm.maybe ond day edward can meet Fridge...uhhh, he doesn't bite polar bears, does he?

    You and Jodi have FUN!


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