Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thanks for the RAKs, Part 1

Hey everybody! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend thus far! I'd like to take this time to thank all the ladies who so graciously sent me holiday RAKs. I'll be sharing them in the next couple of posts, so I hope you'll stay with me and enjoy the RAKs as much as I did!

Before I start sharing, I wanted to show this card I made for a swap at Teri's holiday party in early December. I still had "creators" block from the craft fair, and this was the only thing I could come up with. I wish I could have made it cuter.

This totally stuffed box is from Joy and Tae! Thank you so much you guys!

This next RAK is from Michelle and Amara! Thanks for your thoughtfulness! And look at the precious card Amara made for me!

Thanks again girls! I really love my gifts! Stay tuned for Part 2 ...


  1. Hi Linda~
    Boy you have RAKS Part 1 & 2? You hit the mother load this Christmas!! Good for you . . . such sweet RAKS for a sweet person! :) Off to check out your Part 2!

  2. Cute Cute CUTE!!! Love Joy's box... and Michelle's gift is really neat... love the see-through... and Amara's card is just the sweeetest!!! so special!! =D hugs, Kris


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