Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cards from friends

Ok, I am so behind on EVERYTHING! I still need to get my papers to my tax man! I have some time left for that, right? With my son's accident, his up-coming high school graduation, and LIFE in general, I've been totally neglecting my blog. So, I'm gonna try really hard to catch up. First lemme start by sharing several awesome birthday cards I received from some great ladies. This first one is from my GF Joy, of Tamiko's. Joy was my OCS partner for February and since she was super busy with her CHA trip, she told me that this was not only my BD card, but my OCS card as well. Isn't it beautiful?

This next cutie patootie BD card is from another Joy. So cute yeah?

This next card isn't a card. It's a box that held some very cool craft supplies and it's from Joni! I love the box Joni - did you have a tutorial on your blog for it? It's a great size for a small gift!

This card is from my GF Cami. It's a very unique card design in that the heart lifts up to reveal the message inside. The square is the base of the card. Check out Cami's blog for more info on this beautiful card.

Thanks for these wonderful cards ladies, and for the gifts that came with them! I'll be sharing more cards soon and then I'll be sharing some of my creations. Thanks for sticking by me and for all your sweet comments and prayers for my son's recovery. Have a great week everyone!


  1. Such wonderful cards from creative friends! Thanks for sharing...

  2. Beautiful cards from some very talented ladies!

  3. Beautiful! I guess you stuck to your word and got off the farm to post to your blog! Good girl... hehehe! Hope your Easter was blessed! Take care!

  4. so glad you are getting a chance to update your blog...I was getting lonely! I know that life can really go by so fast and there isn't enough time in the day to smell the no worries. miss you though. we should get together soon. I love your bd wonderful to have dear friends...yah! well, let me know if you need help with anything for your son's graduation. I'm here! take it easy okay...the cowboy needs a rest too! hahaha!

  5. So cute Linda! I just finished my taxes, like literally, lol! Ugh...hate tax time. Hope you are doing well!


  6. Fabulous raks for one fabulous gal! Das you sister!! Thanks for sharing them with us! You and I live the mirrored life, I'm trying to get my act together on so many things, I'm really chasing my tail! haha! love you!

  7. Tax time is never fun, is it? Love your RAKs. You are so funny to announce when you going to post via fb. Hugs, Janis


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