Monday, May 11, 2009

Cards for a Cause

While visiting Shirley's blog, I came across a post from Brenda of Floral Fantasies. Please read her story below:

If you are like me, you make far more cards than you know what to do with, so I would be delighted if you could spare a card or even more, so they can be used to help raise funds at a National event which is taking place this summer.

The MS society are holding a series of "Wheel and Walk" events during June where branches will joint together to raise funds for Professor Compston's MS Research at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge and local MS groups. Details can be found here.

This cause means a lot to myself and family as I was diagnosed with MS almost twenty years ago. At the time I had a very young family, so much in life I wanted to do and saw no future. MS is a horrific disease and Professor Compston has and continues to do some incredible work and I have been more than happy to be one of the 'samples' used in his research. Doctors tell me I am an anomaly as despite spending some years virtually housebound and in a wheelchair, things improved for me and apart from sight and pain issues which you can live with, I consider myself very, very fortunate to enjoy mobility and reasonable quality of live.I have always tried to add my small contribution to MS fundraising in whatever way I can and two of my sons' run the London Marathon for MS.

I really do believe that with your help, a substantial volume of cards can be drawn together to be sold and raise funds on 28th June 2009. I am still in the process of trying to establish if it is possible to have some localised collection points, perhaps craft stores. But in the meantime I would be delighted to hear from anyone via e.mail (this can be done if you follow my profile) so I can give you an address to post your card/s to. Sir Stampalot and Stamp Addicts both have collection boxes for cards in store.I'd be thrilled if you feel able to help spread the word. Just copy and paste the flower image and text from my bog (the flower has the html link embedded to take people to my post).

I hope some of you Island Girls will send some of your wonderful creations to Brenda for this very worthwhile cause. This is a great chance for us to spread the Aloha spirit around the world!


  1. Oh Linda I do so agree with you, my daughter has only been diagnosed for about 5 years, she has two young boys 8 and 9 and its so frustrating for her, she cannot move as easily as other mums can. She has been told that she has the Primary form, and this is the one that leaves such awful effects after each attack. She now having problems with her bladder and bowels, luckily at the moment shes still walking, but for how long who can tell. Also shes not the easiest of people to get on with, but maybe this gives her the fight to cope with it, she does a lot of volunteer work for her local MS society in Norfolk, and im sure thats what keeps her mind active. Good luck Brenda with your fund raising, maybe one day they will be able to control it, as its one horrible decease. Lots of love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

  2. Thanks for passing this info on! What a good cause!


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