Monday, May 4, 2009

Where's the Kleenex ...

Ok, where is that darn Kleenex??? Oh my Lord ... I received the "Gift of Love" award a second time, from Marisa! Thanks, Girl! You are too kind! I don't know what to say ... I'm speechless.

Well, not really, but this is truly humbling. Thank you! Since I've already sent this award out to all of YOU in my last post, I'm sending it out again! Besides going to all of YOU, I'm also sending it out to these great gals: Jen, Cami, Jenny, Dawne, De, and Lorna. Check these ladies out if you haven't done so yet - they are awesome!


  1. Your welcome Linda! You so deserve it!!

  2. Thanks Linda! I appreciate the honor! Will get it linked up after I finish this web conference for school I'm on. UGH.

  3. Linda! Thank you so very much for the award of "Gift of Love"! Very kind of you =} You made me smile!


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