Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another cute bag (I think it is)

I've made this Box in a Bag several times before, but I changed the one I made today just a little bit. This great project is from Split Coast Stampers and was created by Diana Gibbs. This is such a quick and easy bag/box to make that if you haven't tried it, I hope you will!

Side view ...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments for me! I really appreciate every single one of them! I very recently received a lovely book from a special friend. It's called "Friendship Is A Blessing" and I'd like to share some of the quotes from the book with you at the end of my blog posts. Until next time, take care.

"Women don't just have friends. We have soulmates ... and that is powerful compensation for life's other hardships." Alarie Tennille


  1. OMG you are definitely on a roll my sister! I love this bag! I had so much fun with you today and I was so exhausted when I got home! LOVE YAH!

  2. Had so much fun visiting you guys today! Sorry had to dash but the stores were calling! I'm so glad we were able to sit together today- you and Kyoko just crack me up.


  3. Love the bag in a box. I am loving those butterflies. Uhh...the first thing I noticed what that you finished the tab, remember last year? lol.

  4. Love that bag in a box too!! Great colors and that butterfly is gorgeous. I'll have to try it out now. Looks perfect to stick a little present of some goodies in. MFS!! Hugs,

  5. It is, it is! :) Luv the bag Linda! :) You are my hero and keep creating girl!


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